When a service is requested, a Shalom2U service technician will provide a HVAC inspection to your unit and make sure the heating and/or cooling system is safe to operate and to get the maximum performance out of your equipment. We will submit
a detail summary of our findings, recommendations for work or replacements needed along with the cost and repair completion for your review and approval.


Tune up

COOLING SYSTEM (if applicable) HEATING SYSTEM (if applicable)
Inspect cooling coil Clean burners
Check primary & secondary drains Adjust gas pressure
Adjust & clean blower components Check & adjust pilot operation
Check & clean condenser coil Lubricate all moving parts
Lubricate all moving parts Monitor flue draft for safe operation
Check & tighten all loose electrical connections Check & tighten all loose electrical connections
Check operating pressures for proper refrigerant charge Monitor voltage & and amperage draw on all motors
Monitor voltage & and amperage draw on all motors Adjust air flow for proper temperature rise
Check & clean thermostat operation Check heat anticipator settings
Monitor air conditioning cycle Check & clean thermostat operation
Make recommendations for improvement Monitor furnace cycle
  Check and test safety controls
  Make recommendations for improvement

Tune up Benefits

Lower Energy bills

Extended equipment life

Fewer repairs

Clean heater housing (if applicable)

Discounts on repairs

Priority customer status

Inflation protection


• The price for each system to be serviced is $65


• We offer a package deal for both systems to be serviced at $89


Duct Cleaning

Duct cleaning maintenance will include the following:
Clean ducts

Clean every register / vent

Clean return

Clean heater housing (if applicable)

Install Environment Clean Air


• Starting at $95

Attic Insulation

$1.50 per foot for blown insulation

$2.00 per foot for roll insulation

Electrical Upgrade

• Upgrade to 100 amp $1,339
• Upgrade to 200 amp $1,715

Here are some sites we have worked on: